Old Bethel Baptist Church

He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God. - John 8:47

My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee; 2 So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding; 3 Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding; 4 If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; 5 Then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God. - Proverbs 2:1-5

And he said unto them, Take heed what ye hear: with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given - Mark 4:24


Live Services

Date Title Preacher
Mar/26 A Tale of Two Ships Rodney Frazier
Mar/26 Come Along Beside Jarrod Baker
Mar/22 Joshua Chapter 23 Rodney Frazier
Mar/19 The Lepers Testimony Brent Horton
Mar/19 Launch Out Brent Horton
Mar/12 What A Word Is It Brent Horton
Mar/12 Why Was He Sent Brent Horton
Mar/5 Praying Always Brent Horton
Mar/5 Sword of the Spirit Brent Horton
Feb/26 Communion Brent Horton
Feb/26 Helmet of Salvation Brent Horton
Feb/19 Substance Brent Horton
Feb/19 The Promise of Our Faith Brent Horton
Feb/15 Joshua Chapter 14 Rodney Frazier
Feb/12 Celebrate the Victory Brent Horton
Feb/12 Sharing our Faith Brent Horton
Feb/8 Joshua Chapter 12 Rodney Frazier
Feb/5 The Belt of Truth Brent Horton
Feb/5 The Solution Brent Horton
Feb/1 Why did God send the Snow Brent Horton
Jan/29 Praises and Testimonies Old Bethel Baptist Church
Jan/29 The Seduction Brent Horton
Jan/25 Deuteronomy 17 Al Flohr
Jan/22 How We Are Tempted Brent Horton
Jan/22 The Way to Victory - Situation Brent Horton
Jan/18 Joshua chapter 11 Rodney Frazier
Jan/15 Jesus is the Son of God Brent Horton
Jan/15 Prepare Ye the Way Brent Horton
Jan/11 Three in One Brent Horton
Jan/8 Let Me Tell You About My Jesus Brent Horton
Jan/8 Preaching the Word Rodney Frazier
Jan/4 Joshua Chapter 10 recap Rodney Frazier
Jan/1 Testimonies of Redemption Brent Horton
Jan/1 What Are You Waiting For Brent Horton
Dec/28 Joshua Chapter 10 Rodney Frazier
Dec/25 Here's Your Sign Brent Horton
Dec/25 The Gift of God Communion Jarrod Baker
Dec/21 Joshua Chapter 9 Rodney Frazier
Dec/18 Christmas Purpose Brent Horton
Dec/14 Joshua Chapter 8 Rodney Frazier
Dec/11 Leaving a Different Way Kenny Marr
Dec/11 The Hope of Israel Brent Horton
Dec/7 Joshua Chapter 7 Rodney Frazier
Dec/4 Shake It Off Brent Horton
Dec/4 Your Sin Will Find You Out Brent Horton
Nov/30 Joshua Chapter 6 Rodney Frazier
Nov/27 How Could God Brent Horton
Nov/27 Christmas in a Storm Brent Horton
Nov/23 Joshua chapter 5 Rodney Frazier
Nov/20 It Is Finished Billy Lofton
Nov/16 Joshua chapter 4 Rodney Frazier
Nov/13 Biblical Marriage Brent Horton
Nov/13 The Vow Brent Horton
Nov/9 Joshua continued Rodney Frazier
Nov/6 Answer for Your Hope Brent Horton
Nov/6 How Much He Loves You Brent Horton
Nov/2 Joshua continued Rodney Frazier
Oct/30 Inconvenient to Witness Brent Horton
Oct/30 Set A Man Ordination Brent Horton
Oct/26 Joshua continued Rodney Frazier
Oct/23 Obedience is Key Mathew Vroman
Oct/23 Are You Numbered Brent Horton
Oct/19 Joshua continued Rodney Frazier
Oct/16 Just Like God Chris Connell
Oct/16 The Hope and Resurrection Brent Horton
Oct/12 Joshua Rodney Frazier
Oct/9 Testimony Service Drew
Oct/9 Where Are the Phinehas Brent Horton
Oct/5 What Are You Burdened With Rodney Frazier
Oct/2 Paulís Testimony Brent Horton
Oct/2 Three Blessings of God Brent Horton
Sep/28 Go - It Is A Command Rodney Frazier
Sep/25 Who Defines You Brent Horton
Sep/25 The Way Brent Horton
Sep/21 The Least of These Rodney Frazier
Sep/18 An Example to Follow Brent Horton
Sep/18 Spring Up O Well Brent Horton
Sep/14 Are You Passing the Test Rodney Frazier
Sep/11 Look Up Brent Horton
Sep/11 The Family of God Brent Horton
Sep/4 The Way Brent Horton
Sep/4 Speak Ye Unto the Rock Brent Horton
Aug/31 In Service to the King Rodney Frazier
Aug/28 Who Are You Brent Horton
Aug/28 Aarons Rod Brent Horton
Aug/24 Exhorting One Another Rodney Frazier
Aug/21 Go Teach Baptize Brent Horton
Aug/21 Gods Power to the Sower Benson Olipas
Aug/17 Loving God and Loving Others Rodney Frazier
Aug/14 Sticks and Stones Brent Horton
Aug/14 What Is Your House Built On Jarrod Baker
Aug/10 Baptism Rodney Frazier
Aug/7 Out of ORDER Brent Horton
Aug/7 Greatness Government Grace Brent Horton
Aug/3 Only Christ and Him Crucified Rodney Frazier
Jul/31 The Consequences of Sin Billy Lofton
Jul/31 A Clear Path Rodney Frazier
Jul/27 How to Handle Temptation Rodney Frazier
Jul/24 Church Growth Under Fire Brent Horton
Jul/24 Moses Prayer Brent Horton
Jul/20 When A Believer Sins Rodney Frazier
Jul/17 Changed Brent Horton
Jul/17 Fear Or Faith Brent Horton
Jul/13 Assurance of Salvation Rodney Frazier
Jul/10 Increase The Church Brent Horton
Jul/10 Mouth To Mouth Brent Horton
Jul/6 The Bible is the Word of God Rodney Frazier
Jul/3 A Beautiful Church Meeting Brent Horton
Jul/3 All You Can Eat Brent Horton
Jun/29 Blessed Assurance Titus 2 Rodney Frazier
Jun/26 Appoint Elders Known to Be Brent Horton
Jun/26 Consuming Fire Brent Horton
Jun/23 Winning before Battle Kenny Marr
Jun/22 A Door of Hope Kenny Marr
Jun/21 Which Ship Are You On Kenny Marr
Jun/20 Awake the Master Kenny Marr
Jun/19 Known As Father Brent Horton
Jun/19 Known As Daddy Brent Horton
Jun/15 God Made Jesus Sin For Us Calvin Arnold
Jun/12 Jesus Is Brent Horton
Jun/12 Open Doors Brent Horton
Jun/5 I Am Thou Art Brent Horton
Jun/5 The Potter and the Clay Brent Horton
Jun/1 Training Children Rodney Frazier
May/29 A Mighty God Jarrod Billy Brent
May/29 Everything from Nothing Brent Horton
May/25 Colossians continued Rodney Frazier
May/22 The Last Days Rodney Frazier
May/22 2 Trumpets Absolute Brent Horton
May/18 Ecclesiastes 3 Lloyd Latham
May/15 On the Move Brent Horton
May/11 Colossians continued Rodney Frazier
May/8 On the Move Brent Horton
May/8 SPA Treatment Brent Horton
May/4 Colossians continued Rodney Frazier
May/1 See God and Live Brent Horton
May/1 The Heart Brent Horton
Apr/27 Colossians continued Rodney Frazier
Apr/24 An Open And Shut Case Brent Horton
Apr/24 The Rock Brent Horton
Apr/20 Colossians continued Rodney Frazier
Apr/17 Calvary in the Old Testament Brent Horton
Apr/17 The Game Changer Brent Horton
Apr/13 Colossians continued Rodney Frazier
Apr/10 On the Next Day Brent Horton
Apr/6 The Book of Colossians Rodney Frazier
Apr/3 A Grain of Mustard Seed James Orange
Apr/3 Is Your Eye Single James Orange
Mar/30 Philemon continued Rodney Frazier
Mar/27 I AM Brent Horton
Mar/25 IGNITE Brent & Christy
Mar/23 Philemon Rodney Frazier
Mar/20 Whoops There It Is Brent Horton
Mar/20 His Mercy is More Brent Horton
Mar/16 1 John 5 You May Know Rodney Frazier
Mar/13 WAIT Brent Horton
Mar/13 THEM Brent Horton
Mar/9 1 John 5 The Deity of Christ Rodney Frazier
Mar/6 Its Personal Brent Horton
Mar/6 How Close Brent Horton
Mar/2 1 John 5 God is Life Rodney Frazier
Feb/27 Good News to Everyone Brent Horton
Feb/27 Little by Little Brent Horton
Feb/23 1 John 4 Rodney Frazier
Feb/20 What You Looking At Brent Horton
Feb/13 Darkness of Ifs Brent Horton
Feb/13 Servitude Brent Horton
Feb/9 Spirits Lead Us Away Rodney Frazier
Feb/6 Treasures of Darkness Brent Horton
Feb/6 PrayerShop Brent Horton
Feb/2 Third Heaven Brent Horton
Jan/30 Son of Encouragement Brent Horton
Jan/30 The Struggle is Real Brent Horton
Jan/26 Blessing of the Thorns Brent Horton
Jan/23 Blessings in a Basket Brent Horton
Jan/23 Peace of God Brent Horton
Jan/16 Hero Ordinary to Extraordinary Brent Horton
Jan/16 Jesus Has Me Covered Brent Horton
Jan/9 God of Justice Brent Horton
Jan/9 Light in the Darkness Brent Horton
Jan/2 Lamb of God Brent Horton
Jan/2 Some Man Brent Horton
Dec/26 God of Faithfulness Brent Horton
Dec/26 Candle Light Service Brent Horton
Dec/19 The Shepherd King Brent Horton
Dec/19 God Breaks the Silence Brent Horton
Dec/12 A Scattered Church Brent Horton
Dec/12 God of Life Brent Horton
Dec/5 What a Gift Brent Horton
Dec/5 First Apologetics Law & Temple Brent Horton
Nov/28 How Close to Hell are You Rodney Frazier
Nov/28 God so Loved Billy Lofton
Nov/21 Pilgrim Monument Brent Horton
Nov/14 Finding Rest Brent Horton
Nov/14 The First Apologetics Brent Horton
Feb/21 God the Trinity Al Flohr
Feb/21 Body of Christ Al Flohr
Feb/14 Spiritual Parent Al Flohr
Feb/7 Gifts of the Spirit Al Flohr
Feb/7 Intimacy with God Brent Horton
Jan/31 God the Holy Spirit Al Flohr
Jan/31 Baptism Al Flohr
Jan/24 God the Son Al Flohr
Jan/24 God Speaks are We Listening Al Flohr
Jan/17 God the Father Al Flohr
Jan/17 The Marriage Feast Al Flohr
Jan/10 Who is God Al Flohr
Jan/10 God Continues to Pursue Us Al Flohr
Jan/3 Doctrine of God Al Flohr
Dec/27 A Much More God Brent Horton
Dec/27 Don't Lower the Standard Brent Horton

Times to Assemble

Sunday   SS - 9:30am
Service - 10:30am
Service - 6:00pm
Wednesday   6:30pm

Old Bethel Baptist Church

Old Bethel Baptist Church
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