Old Bethel Baptist Church

Turning Hearts & Homes Toward Heaven
Sikeston, MO 63780  
Pastor Steven Vester  

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Welcome to Old Bethel Baptist Church

Come and Join us online or in person,
We Welcome Everyone

Don't Forget !
Sunday School 9:30 am
Worship Service 10:30 am

Evening Worship 6:00 pm

Wednesday - 6:30 pm

Practical Bible Study sanctuary
Higher Ground Youth Group

age 12-20
Gym Class

Team Kid Discipleship age 4-11
in gym


Small Groups
"Renew Life Group" 6:00 pm Wednesday's
      Women 20 to mid 30's

Vester's Home
327 Co Hwy 449

"The Shack" 6:30 pm Every other Wed
      men's group   Arnold's Home
43 Co Hwy 449
"MORE Life Group" 8:30 am Tuesday's
     wives of all ages

Griffin's Home
19 Roth Dr
Scott City

"The Ark"
Marriage Ministy

1st Thursday of every month
check our facebook to check event
at church
Meal 6:00 pm
Study 6:30 pm


Register Early and save time - before June 17th

Night Title
Memory Verse
June 17
VBS Teaser 10:30 am    
June 18

Tight Rope Walker - (Walking on Water)

To have "The Greatest Life" you need to Focus on Jesus

Colossians 3:2
June 19

The Strongest Man - (Samson)

To have "The Greatest Life" you need to be Strong in the Lord

Ephesians 6:10 Greatest Hair
June 20

The Lion Tamer -(Daniel)

To have "The Greatest Life" you need to Trust in Jesus

Proverbs 3:5-6

Greatest Feet
June 21

Come and See the Gospel - (Andrew says come and see to his brother)

To have "The Greatest Life" you need to Come to Jesus

Psalm 66:5 Greatest Ringmaster
June 22

Death Defying Act - (Jesus resurection)

To have "The Greatest Life" you need to Believe on Jesus

John 1:12 Greatest Act
(bring your talent)
June 24
VBS Showcase 10:30 am